Our Kent Holiday

There’s a months rain in the day due, the weatherman said
As we climbed on the coach and drove off to Kent
But were we dismayed
Not a bit

We visited Standen House full of great Arts and Crafts
Then to Godington House dating 400 years in the past
We were all indoors in the warm and the dry
As  thick black clouds poured rain from the sky
Were we wet
We were not

Tuesday dawned clear, bright and dry
With 700 years of history at lghtham Mote, the morning did fly
Then to Sissinghurst Castle a site quiet and serene
House décor and gardens designed by Vita Sackville-West
In true British style the very best
Were we impressed

Leeds Castle  has developed over 900 years
Surrounded by water and a park full of deer
There was so much to do and much more to see
Both inside and out we could wander quite free
Were we delighted

Our afternoon venue was Goodnestone Park
14 walled acres of plantsmans delight
Flowering profusion, a wonderful sight
Though the weather, sadly turned a bit damp
We just carried on

It has now got to Thursday, the week going fast
we went to Great Comp Garden, 7 acres to see
William Dyson, a specialist salvia breeder resides
He is very well known and has been on TV
We bought a few plants to take for a ride

and much more besides

Friday, the day we have to come home
started at Pashley Manor, 11 acre garden to roam
With lakes and fine statuary and roses in bloom
We wanted to buy them but just lack the room
The sun shone

It’s lunchtime now, we are about gardened out
Just one more to go – Sussex Prairie Garden – unique
Pauline McBride told of its creation, an outstanding feat
We laughed and we chuckled as her story unfolded
With tales of how beds of exotic plants and statuary were moulded
And so back home
Weary but joyously replete

That’s it for this year, but we plan one for next
Angela our leader is one of the best
She is thorough  well organised and great fun
You will miss a great treat if you opt not to come
Watch this space

Diary date
The 2020 holiday will be in Somerset/Devon between 8th and 12th June.