Visit to Mrs Sarah Floyd’s garden

A delicious slice of lemon drizzle cake and a cup of tea greeted 23 club members as they arrived at Clover Farm, the home of Mrs Floyd. Following the refreshments, Sarah, and David her Head Gardener, were on hand to answer questions as we wandered at will around the garden. It was a beautiful summer afternoon, and the garden, constructed on slopes around the large house, had striking views across the valley and rolling Hampshire countryside complete with two combine harvesters at work in the neighbouring field.

Even though the garden was suffering from the effects of the heat and drought, the borders still had a good showing of colour. Venturing through an opening in a hedge, a tranquil circular garden was revealed composed of many varieties of grasses.

The greenhouse and the fruit and vegetable garden were obviously an important and well used part of the garden. A pleached lime avenue greeted us in the lower garden and led us on to the swimming pool. We were not invited to ‘take a dip’ but we all enjoyed the visit and the very warm welcome we received from Sarah and David.